For many years sound and everything related to it have been our passion. We are fascinated by the sound in all its forms, acoustic and electric, analog and digital, played back and live.

By creating new solutions we remember about all features of the product. We are never ready to sign under a solution that we would never use.

Color XLR connectors


Entire system is as reliable as its weakest link. Most frequently the blame is on the cabling. We use cables and connectors which guarantee longevity and durable linking of all types of equipment.

We specialize in audio connections of all types. From simple microphone and instrumental cables do fully customized system solutions built for a particular customer.


Signal distribution systems

Requirements of artists and investors are constantly growing and with them the number of connections for each gig or installation. Once 32 channels were enough for most of the performances, now, at any gig, we start counting from 48.

We build multicore systems of any kind. Thanks to our solutions the time of on-stage setup and the number of incorrect connections is significantly reduced.

Instalacja w Teatrze Muzycznym ROMA

Fixed installations

Years of practice and our experienced team make us a perfect partner for vendors supplying equipment to concert halls, recording studios or conference centres. We supply cabling and connect the installed system. Our portfolio includes several implementations, which deliver perfect quality sound and easy tool to sound engineers and artists.

4 Malopolskie warsztaty dla akustykow


In our trainings we share knowledge and talk about sound reinforcement, physics and electroacoustics. We provide opportunities to heare the phenomena and try out the techniques. We offer training in linear systems, practical usage of mixing consoles and areas like acoustics, electroacoustics, psychoacoustics and working on stage. We train beginners and specialists who are looking to expand their knowledge.