For many years the sound and everything related have been our passion. We are fascinated by the sound in all its forms, acoustic and electric, analog and digital, played back and live. Often does the sound change the way we perceive music, nevertheless we know that the music can also change the way we perceive sound.

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ZiKE Labs founder began his adventure with sound in 1996. Then, ZiKE Labs had their first appearance and gained first experience of delivering a concert. Knowing what we know now, it was a barbaric, blasphemous mutilation of art. Audience, however, didn’t see it as half bad – they even seemed to like it.

With time our passion was growing, strengthening and directed us to develop our knowledge and skills in the sound domain. This is where we decided to stay.

We honed our practical skills and expanded our theoretical knowledge climbing through different levels of understanding. From magical solutions of acoustic folklore to what we know today – approach strongly based on scientific viewpoint.

We were carrying speakers, winding cables, passing microphones, listening to ideas and complaints just to get to a point we had only dreamt of. We started mixing at large concerts, designing complex PA systems at some of the largest gigs and festivals. We launched some of the most sought training programmes and participated in important decisions for the industry as an advisory body.

These contributions are the aim of our everyday journey. We love challenging the tasks nobody has ever tried, we look for solutions no one ever looked for and tackle problems we don’t even fully understand at the beginning. No matter how epic and grandiloquent it sounds – this is how we work.

Certyfikat 14001 300dpiWe are not bound to any brand but our own. We do not endorse any particular manufacturer or aggressively marketed theories. We’ve learned to keep our distance and appreciate all kinds of equipment. We know where the sound begins and where it ends, what happens in-between is a matter of our creativity and used technology. We want to understand what exactly happens to the sound on each stage of its existence – between the creation at the violin’s string to listener’s tears.

By creating new solutions we remember about all features of the contraption. Starting with simple things like weight, volume, cost, how wonderful it is and ending with “why would anyone use it?”. We are never ready to sign under a solution that we would never use.

As an organisation, we make every effort possible to deliver high quality products (i.e. durable, heavy duty, working even in the harshest conditions). We have introduced quality standards and are a proud holder of ISO 14001 Certificate. We are also introducing changes to receive an ISO 9001 certificate.

All this to your and our mental comfort, as we declare that equipment’s place is on stage, not in a repair shop!