Analog splitters

Demands of artists and event agencies grow and with them the number of connections set for each concert and band. Once, 32 channels were more than enough for most of the gigs, nowadays we never go below 48, even on smaller events.

Each connection is a location of a possible fault and potentially wasted time. It has become a necessity to group the connection in a way that enables for a quick connection of multiple channels – application of multicore cables and multipin connectors brings a significant simplification and acceleration of work.

We build multicore systems starting from the simplest subsnakes (even 2- or 4-channel,  boxed or not) to complex separated multichannel systems with active splitting and multipin connected subsnakes and stageboxes.

Our solutions minimize the time needed to set up and reduce the likelihood of incorrectly connected cables.

We build and repair:

  • passive splitters, separated and non-separated),
  • fixed inner cabling for consoles and racks for digital systems,
  • fixed inner cabling for effect racks,
  • transmission cables,
  • stage multicores,
  • multi-channel connections between the console, speaker processors and amplifiers.

Each of our products is tailored to customer’s needs. Contact us and share your requirements, we’ll gladly design and present our idea of a distribution system for your company.