Even the best system will not work if its components are not properly interconnected. Everybody knows that each system is as reliable as its weakest link. Unfortunately the weakest link in our industry is more often than not – the cabling. One needs to remember that on top of electric properties each cable has some mechanical parameters, production quality and reliability. We do not add ideological properties to our cables, like “tube amplified sound”. Instead we provide certainty, aesthetics, comfort of use while maintaining the best electric parameters of our cables.

We always select the cable according to where it is going to be used, we terminate each end with connectors that guarantee a sustained, error-free work and we use installation methods that a long-term durability becomes a fact.

The connectors can be marked with a laser engraving, which is not only an eye-candy, but provides legibility and unambiguous connection schemes (i.e. numbered splitters and multicores). Furthermore, brand engraving helps in identifying ownership of a particular piece of equipment.

We make all types of audio cables: microphone and instrument cables, analogue and digital. We can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Terminating a cable with a connector like DIN, microjack, Bantam, Tuchla, HiRose is not a big deal for us.