Power distribution

According to physics, electric equipment works much better if we connect it to an electrical socket. Perhaps everyone had an opportunity to observe such phenomenon and aurally experience that music delivered from an amplifier without electricity is much, much quieter.

Another matter of significant importance when it comes to a power distribution system is safety. It is quite obvious that a blackout or damage to a device is nothing serious compared to having someone on stage or around it suffer from an electric shock. That is why, when we design and install power distribution systems, our focus lies first on the safety and secondly on the system’s reliability. If nobody is electrocuted, they can happily do their job.

We design complete solutions – from power cables, to power boxes, to racked stage power splitters.

We introduce technologies which are becoming more and more common: black (i.e. less conspicuous when on stage) connectors, one- and three phase multipin connectors, multicore power cables and Powerlock connectors up to 750A.