Contrary to a popular belief it is not the PA system that makes the sound great and the gig memorable. In the same way as an instrument is not making a musician (Scott Joplin wasn’t stopped by an out of tune piano) the sound equipment requires proper handling.

Over the few years in business, through trial and error, and study and research, we have amassed significant amount of knowledge. We are eager to share it with you and your employees. All our trainings so far were well received and the participants provided us with a lot of positive feedback.

A highlight of our training sessions are actual audio presentations used to illustrate PA systems, general physics and electroacoustics. We want our trainees to hear and listen to all the phenomena, unusual events and try best techniques.

Each training session is accompanied by an extensive Q&A section where the participants can ask questions not necessarily related to the training subject and bring forth problems which we are trying to solve with the help of the trainees.

Here is a selection of most popular themes of our training workshops:

  • Acoustics, electroacoustics, psychoacoustics, sound engineering, work on stage – entry level and advanced courses.
  • Linear systems – introduction, design, tuning.
  • Monitors on stage – introduction, setup, technologies, directing.
  • Allen&Heath dLive – mixing console training.
  • AVID (Digidesign) VENUE – mixing console training.

The training sessions can be organised in your company premises or at a pre-arranged venue.