Why us?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems that manufacture of cabling for a company in a concert and event industry is not complicated at all. Indeed, it is not, but it requires some experience, knowledge a workshop and stock.

We know specifications of cables and connectors delivered by different vendors and we know the requirements that need to be met in a variety of conditions.

Our stock is always full of hundreds of metres of cables, hundreds of connectors, kilometres of braided sheath, kilograms of cable and connector accessories. Our experience and workshop enable fast and precise production of cables – the only limitation being our suppliers ability to deliver on time. This also changes and we are continuously reducing the time needed to complete an order.

To build our brand, here in ZiKE Labs, we cannot allow for anything less then high quality solution. We can of course offer a less expensive solution as long as the price does not harm the quality.


A simple calculation of costs involved in making a cable yourself, of time needed to gather all needed components and tools (not everyone has an engraving laser in their shed, have they?) and of time required to assemble everything together proves that ordering your cables from us is not a bad choice.

We want to give our customers the best service, because we are fully aware that it is thanks to them we can grow, develop and simply exist on the market. Contrary to mobile operators we appreciate returning customers and offer them better prices, better payment conditions and priority in order completion.Knowledge we share during trainings or as counsellors has been gathered in years of work, finished schools, trainings, studies, hours of our own research and discussions with industry personas we admire for their wisdom and experience.Customer does not need to wear a tie to be respected. We want them to be happy regardless.