ZiKE Labs® is a Polish manufacturer of professional power and signal devices dedicated to work on stage, in performance venues, radio and TV stations, recording studios, etc. The product range includes, among others: power distribution boxes, power cables, microphone cables, instrumental cables, power cables, cabling, power strips – powerboxes, audio splitters, stageboxes, rack plating.

Designed to work

In line with the motto “designed to work”, we produce equipment that is indispensable for demanding work on stage. ZiKE Labs products stand for solid quality, safety and comfort!

Pro Line

Pro Line – is a personalised line of very high-quality customised products. As part of the implementation, we provide technological design, consultation, quality testing, use of top-class components, product personalisation, laser-engraved logos.

Basic Line

Basic Line – a series of products dedicated to customers who need to buy a product “off-the-shelf”, at the most favourable price in the online shop (shop.zikelabs.pl). In the offer and availability: splitters, power distribution boxes, subsnakes and cables.

Our aim

We are constantly meeting the demands of the industry. We want to continually provide our customers with professional equipment that will ensure comfort and the best quality in their work, and for us to be satisfied with this cooperation!