MultiPin Cables

The main advantage of the multi-pair multipin cable is the ability to connect many channels with one connector. Currently, we rely on solid Ten47 connectors with an aluminum housing, not a semi-plastic material. We cooperate with trusted cable suppliers Bitner and Sommer Cable. Each multi-pin connector is equipped with a cable strain relief to prevent it from breaking. The offer includes: Quantum cable with multi-connectors and Bitner cable with multi-connectors.

Available configurations: 8, 12,16, 24-channels
Cable length: 1m, 2,5m , 5m, 7,5m, 10m, 12,5m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m.

Power Cables

Current cables dedicated exclusively for professional and studio applications. We offer standard and customised current cables: single-phase with Schuko or powerCON plugs and sockets, single-phase with CEE17 connectors, three-phase with CEE17 connectors from 16A to 400A, multi-circuit with SSX connectors, powerlock 400A cables, multi-conductor current cables and powerlock connectors up to 750A. We use connectors from reputable manufacturers viz: Syntax, PCE and Neutrik and we have been working with TITANEX and HELUKABEL brand cables for years