When we built the ZiKE Labs brand, our priority was and is quality. Hence, we cannot allow ourselves and then our customers to offer low-quality solutions. Yes, we can offer cheaper solutions, as long as we are sure that the price does not affect the quality of the product, which is, after all, supposed to work under demanding working conditions on stage (be it in a facility or outdoors).

Our experience and workshop, as well as our two production facilities, enable us to fulfil orders for cabling, distribution units, splitters, stageboxes in the fastest possible time. Our warehouses hold hundreds of metres of cable, hundreds of connectors, kilometres of braid, kilos of cable and connector accessories.

The technology of our products is the result of years of experience, testing and cooperation with trusted component suppliers. As a result, ZiKE Labs has been providing robust equipment for small and large stages in Poland and around the world for over twenty years.